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Who We Are

LA Home Care Supplies is a proud provider of medical supplies that are essential for daily living needs. We aim to aid our clients in living an easier and simpler life where certain medical conditions cannot stop them from living life to the fullest.

We understand how much each one of us values our independence and how much we appreciate managing our little mundane tasks on our own. Hence, in order to ensure that your movements don’t get restricted and that you successfully manage to sustain your zeal for life, we try to do our bid.

Medical Supply Store Los Angeles

With our home care medical supplies and equipment, we ensure patients both safety and comfort. We offer them one thing that they prize the most, the control of their condition. By using our medical supplies, apart from taking self-care, one also gets the chance to roam freely and to heal in familiar surroundings, in the comfort of their home, and among one’s own people. This further contributes to the speedy recovery and overall healing of people.

At LA Home Care Supplies, we believe in delivering what is best for the patients and so we take all the measures to ensure that the equipment offered by us is completely safe, easy to use, and reliable. We offer an extensive range of products to our clients in order to ensure that with us, almost any rehabilitation program or home treatment that a patient has been recommended can carry out without any hindrance. We deliver our services to the clients at affordable rates so that it matches their budget, and does not dig up a hole in their pockets.

Our Services

At LA Home Care Supplies we offer an array of services to ensure that you never have to face a shortage of homecare medical supplies and go through hardships. In order to help you with recovery and to smoothen-out the process of your treatment, we specialize in supplying essential products like wheelchairs, hospital beds, CPAP supplies, lift chairs, diabetic shoes, compression stockings, plus braces to support. DELIVERY LA COUNTY ONLY.

In case, if you are under some special treatment and the medical supplies that you require are not with us, then don’t you worry, because at LA Home Care Services we can arrange it for you on special order.

Product Categories

We carry a complete line of durable medical equipment (DME), making it convenient to shop exclusively with us. Our products focus on innovation, functionality and value as well as promoting independence and improving the quality of life for the individuals that use them.







Outstanding Customer Service

At LA Home Care Supplies we understand that along with supplies, customer service holds an important place. Hence, we offer our customers an end to end service and promise them a convenient delivery and installation if needed

We Offer Rental

If you urgently need a medical supply store in Los Angeles to offer you durable medical equipment, aids, and supplies for a very specific time then we can offer you these items on a monthly or weekly basis on rent. By renting our supplies, you will be able to save money on buying expensive equipment.

These are some of the reasons which make LA Home Care Supplies a superior choice for any client.