Medical Supply Rental

How It Works?

Some illnesses have to be battled for longer periods, and the care needs to be shifted from hospital to home. When doctors discharge an ill patient, they expect the medical treatment to be resumed at home. If the patient is suffering from cancer, leukemia, partial paralysis, etc, then the house needs to be prepared to meet the needs of the patients.

When a sudden need to equip their home for the medical needs of a close one arises, most people are clueless about what to do. Which supplies are essentials? Where can they find them? Which brand should they trust? How much will everything cost?

Basic home care equipment like a hospital bed, wheelchair, knee walker, cpm, bath supplies, oxygen supplies, Nebulizers, etc. are some of the things that you will need at home before the patient arrives.

Rental Services Los Angeles For Home Care Equipment.

Our Products

While some of these home care products are reasonably priced, others can dig a deep hole in your pockets, especially after having paid all those hospital bills. The biggest problem of all is, how will you finance the purchase of complex and expensive home care equipment?

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Moreover, once the patient has been cured, the medical equipment that you buy will become useless. It will seem like a memory of a not-so-happy time of your life.

Our Mission

At LA Home Care Supplies, we understand that during such trying times our customers could be running low on cash. While we already provide quality supplies for customers of varying budgets, there are certain pieces of equipment that are quite expensive.

To ensure that our customers do not have to compromise on the comfort they offer someone who is ill, we offer rental services for some of our bigger and most expensive home care medical equipment. For example, if you need a hospital bed or a wheelchair for merely a few months, then instead of buying them you could rent the things you need from LA Home Care Supplies.

Manual and power wheelchairs, portable oxygen concentrator, CPAP supplies, Hydraulic or battery-operated patient lifts, adjustable hospital beds, knee walker, cpm. etc. are some of the home care medical equipment that we provide for rent.

Our Rules

We have simple rules for such rental:

  • The equipment that has been leased, must not be returned to the store broken or tampered with.
  • You must submit some valid identification card, before leasing the supplies, for safety purposes.
  • You must pay the rent on the day that has been selected with the agreement of both parties.

If you think that you will be needing the home care equipment for a longer period, we suggest that you invest in buying the required medical supplies. Our team can help you select the right supplies for your need and suggest some brands that offer quality equipment at affordable prices.

LA Home Care Supplies is a home care medical equipment supplier, that also engages in repair and rental services for home care equipment.

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